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LATEST ARTICLES from AIM DIgest (up to April Edition 2018)


Alcohol consumption and incidence of proteinuria
Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with reduced pain and fibromyalgia symptoms in chronic pain patients
Alcohol consumption is positively associated with handgrip strength among Japanese community-dwelling middle-aged and elderly persons
Beer effects on postprandial digestive symptoms and gastroesophagic physiology
Iso-α-acids, bitter components of beer, prevent obesity-induced cognitive decline

Regular light to moderate alcohol intake linked to improved lung function

Associations between alcohol and obesity in more than 100,000 adults in England and Scotland
Role of the innate immune system in the neuropathological consequences induced by adolescent binge drinking
Impact of alcohol intake and drinking patterns on mortality from all causes and major causes of death in a japanese population
Association between changes in lifestyle and all-cause mortality: the health and lifestyle study
Light alcohol consumption has the potential to suppress hepatocellular injury and liver fibrosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease


Alcohol use patterns and risk of diabetes onset
Alcohol consumption and risks for type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease in men and women
The effects of low and high alcohol intake on glymphatic function
Low-level alcohol consumption during adolescence and its impact on cognitive control development

Inhibition of oral pathogens adhesion to human gingival fibroblasts by wine polyphenols alone and in combination with an oral probiotic

Alcohol consumption and risk of hematological malignancies
Does AMED consumption have an impact on alcohol consumption, subjective intoxication, or risk-taking behaviour?
The autoimmune ecology: an update
Alcohol binge drinking in early pregnancy and the effect on fetal growth
Alcohol and CV Health: Jekyll and Hyde J-Curves
Association between a healthy lifestyle score and the risk of cardiovascular disease in the SUN cohort
Effect of wine on carotid atherosclerosis in type 2 diabetes
Alcohol consumption: Benefit versus harm in vascular events and overall mortality
Heart disease treatment uses antioxidants from red wine
European Society of Cardiologychanging diet and treatment goals


Beer, wine, and spirits consumption and risk of gastric cancer
Effects of alcohol and aldehydes on DNA and risk of cancer; potential implications from a study in mice
Light alcohol consumption has the potential to suppress hepatocellular injury and liver fibrosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Avoiding the ingestion of cytotoxic concentrations of ethanol may reduce the risk of cancer associated with alcohol consumption

The impact of long-term moderate and heavy alcohol consumption on incident atherosclerosis among persons living with HIV

Alcohol use in adolescence and later working memory
Earlier alcohol use onset prospectively predicts changes in functional connectivity
The relationship between alcohol use and long-term cognitive decline in middle and late life: a longitudinal analysis using UK Biobank
Sex hormones in alcohol consumption: a systematic review of evidence
Impact of alcohol intake and drinking patterns on mortality from all causes and major causes of death in a japanese population
Cancer and alcohol consumption in people aged 50 years or more in Europe
Alcohol consumption, diabetes risk, and cardiovascular disease within diabetes
Alcohol consumption and mammographic density in the Danish Diet, Cancer and Health cohort
Life course socioeconomic position, alcohol drinking patterns in midlife, and cardiovascular mortality

Two papers on alcohol and bladder cancer

The protective role of low concentration alcohol in high-fructose induced adverse cardiovascular events in mice
Effects of white wine consumption on weight in rats: Do polyphenols matter?
Sex differences in the association of alcohol with cognitive decline and brain pathology in a cohort of octogenarians
Alcohol-based jelly implant could kill cancer cells
Alcohol consumption and aortic calcification in healthy men aged 40-49 years
Cardiovascular and cutaneous responses to the combination of alcohol and soft drinks: The way to orthostatic intolerance?
Research indicates that moderate alcohol consumption by breastfeeding causes no harm to the baby
Wine and cardiovascular health: A comprehensive review
Lifetime alcohol intake and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Association of alcohol drinking patterns with presence of impaired fasting glucose and diabetes mellitus among South Korean adults

Alcohol consumption and mortality from aortic disease among Japanese men: the Japan Collaborative Cohort study t study study

Alcohol consumption and cardiorespiratory fitness in five population-based studies
Does moderate drinking increase the risk of atrial fibrillation?
The effect of alcohol and red wine consumption on clinical and MRI outcomes in multiple sclerosis
More alcohol, more liver injury: Not always true
Alcohol binge drinking and executive functioning during adolescent brain development
The role of smoking and alcohol behaviour in management of functional gastrointestinal disorders
Alcohol consumption, variability in alcohol dehydrogenase genes and risk of renal cell carcinoma
Effect of low-dose alcohol consumption on inflammation following transient focal cerebral ischemia in rats
Alcohol consumption in midlife and old age and risk of frailty
Non-linear association between alcohol and incident frailty among community-dwelling older people
Red wine, resveratrol and atrial fibrillation
Alcohol consumption in a general antenatal population and child neurodevelopment at 2 years
Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with lower risk for heart failure but not atrial fibrillation
LATEST REVIEWS from International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research
Critique 216: Strong effects of five lifestyle factors on risk of mortality and longevity of life – 31 May 2018
Critique 215: Long-term effects of smoking and moderate drinking on the quality and longevity of life of elderly women — 9 May 2018
Critique 214: Some methodologic problems in a recent paper urging changes in drinking guidelines – 23 April 2018
Critique 213: A meta-analysis on lifestyle factors, cardiovascular disease, and total mortality for a very large number of middle-aged and elderly women – 27 March 2018
Critique 212: Is it the alcohol or other substances in wine that lead to beneficial health effects? — 15 March 2018
Critique 211: Effects of alcohol and aldehydes on DNA and risk of cancer; potential implications from a study in mice — 22 January 2018
Critique 210: Beer, wine, and spirits consumption and risk of gastric cancer – 8 January 2018
Critique 209: Does alcohol intake increase the risk of obesity? — 13 December 2017
Critique 208: A statement on alcohol and cancer that ignores the net health effects of moderate drinking, such as increasing longevity of life — 16 November 2017
Critique 207: Effects on birth weight and risk of preterm birth of light-to-moderate drinking during pregnancy – 2 November 2017
Critique 206: Importance of considering cultural factors in determining effects on health of alcohol consumption – 3 October 2017
Critique 205: A very large population-based study of the association of alcohol consumption with total and disease-specific mortality – 4 September 2017
Critique 204: Moderate drinking improves the chances for healthy survival to age 85 – 21 August 2017
Critique 203: Moderate alcohol intake may reduce, not increase, the risk of falls in the elderly – 7 August 2017
Critique 202: Importance of folate intake for reducing breast cancer risk from alcohol consumption, especially for women with a positive family history of breast cancer – 17 July 2017
Critique 201: The marked effect of lifestyle on mortality — 26 June 2017
Critique 200: Does Light Drinking Increase the Risk of Cancer? — 8 June 2017
Critique 199: Potential mechanisms for the greater risk and fewer health advantages from alcohol consumption for subjects with low socio-economic status - May 2017
Critique 198: A study of alcohol and cardiovascular disease based on “Big Data,” linked electronic medical records from the population — 24 April 2017

Critique 197:  Alcohol consumption and the risk of developing dementia  - 13 March 2017

Critique 196: Adverse health effects of binge drinking on cardiovascular disease — 2 February 2017
Critique 195: How much of the “health benefits” of alcohol relate to higher socio-economic status of drinkers? — 19 December 2016
Critique 194: Long-term alcohol use and mortality among Swedish women – 22 November 2016
Critique 193: The association of reported alcohol intake with the risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage: A meta-analysis – 1 November 2016
Critique 192: The association of alcohol consumption with the risk of prostate cancer
Critique 191: A new study on the mechanisms of alcohol’s effects on health and disease
Critique 190: Alcohol intake during middle age and later atherosclerosis - 11 August 2016
Critique 189: Importance of drinking pattern on the effects of wine on health - 26 July 2016
Critique 188: Alcohol-attributable cancer in New Zealand - 28 June 2016
Critique 187: Alcohol and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin - 14 June 2016
Critique 186: Changes in alcohol and effects on risk of breast cancer and heart disease - May 2016
Critique 185: An innovative assessment of alcohol consumption and the risk of atrial fibrillation - April 2016
Critique 184: A major new meta-analysis on alcohol consumption and the risk of pancreatic cancer - Apriil 2016
Critique 183: An unusual analysis of the association of alcohol consumption with mortality - March 2016
Critique 182: A major meta-analysis on the association of alcohol consumption with the risk of diabetes mellitus - March 2016
Critique 181: Support for a causal role of alcohol consumption in improving the lipid profile - Feb 2016
Critique 180: The association of alcohol intake with total mortality risk among women - Feb 2016
Critique 178: The association of alcohol intake with health-related quality of life - Jan 2016
Critique 177: A clinical trial testing the effects of alcohol on inflammatory markers - Dec 2015
Critique 176: A New Report on Alcohol Consumption and Total Mortality Risk- Dec 2015
Critique 175: An update on the association of alcohol consumption with breast cancer: Effects of BMI - Nov 2015
Critique 174: Two-year clinical trial of wine administration in diabetics who were previous abstainers or very-light drinkers - 19 Oct 2015
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