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Diabetes & Alcohol
METABOLIC SYNDROME - last updated May 2017
Lifetime alcohol use patterns and risk of diabetes onset (Dec 2018)
Inverse association of light-to-moderate alcohol drinking with cardio metabolic index in men with diabetes mellitus (Nov 2018)
Alcohol and type 2 diabetes: Socioeconomic, lifestyle and psychosocial factors (June 2018)
Alcohol consumption: Benefit versus harm in vascular events and overall mortality (March 2018)

Alcohol use patterns and risk of diabetes onset (March 2018)

Alcohol Consumption and Risks for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Disease in Men and Women (March 2018)
Alcohol consumption, diabetes risk, and cardiovascular disease within diabetes
Association of alcohol drinking patterns with presence of impaired fasting glucose and diabetes mellitus among South Korean adults (Nov 2017)
Protective effects of tea, red wine and cocoa in diabetes (Oct 2017)
Association between alcohol consumption pattern and the incidence risk of type 2 diabetes in Korean men (Sep 2017)
Associations between alcohol consumption and cardio-metabolic risk factors in young adults (Sep 2017)
Alcohol drinking patterns and risk of diabetes (Sep 2017)
Binge drinking and total alcohol consumption may be associated with elevated fasting plasma glucose in women (Aug 2017)
Association of alcohol intake with risk of diabetic retinopathy (Mar 2016)
Effects of initiating moderate wine intake on abdominal adipose tissue in adults with type 2 diabetes (Oct 2016)

Short- and medium-term effects of light to moderate alcohol intake on glycaemic control in diabetes mellitus (Oct 2016)
Specific types of alcoholic beverage consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes (September 2016)
A major meta-analysis on the association of alcohol consumption with the risk of diabetes mellitus (March 2016)
Polyphenols and glycemic control (Jan 2016)
Moderate consumption of white and fortified wine is associated with reduced odds of diabetic retinopathy (Jan 2016)
Alcohol and the risk of developing diabetes (Oct 2015)
Two-year clinical trial of wine administration in diabetics who were previous abstainers or very-light drinkers (Oct 2015)
The role of alcohol consumption in regulating circulating levels of adiponectin (Jul 2015)
Moderate wine intake improves metabolic profile for type 2 diabetes (Jul 2015)
The effect of alcohol consumption on insulin sensitivity and glycemic status (Jul 2015)
Alcohol as a component of the Mediterranean-type diet; effects on the risk of mortality among diabetics (April 2015)
Alcohol consumption and incidence of type 2 diabetes: The CoLaus study
Moderate alcohol intake may lower the risk of developing diabetes among obese subjects (Dec 2014)
Alcohol’s effects on cardiovascular risk among subjects with diabetes mellitus (May 2014)
Possible explanation for reduced diabetes risk with alcohol consumption (Feb 2014)

Binge drinking may increase Type II diabetes risk by causing insulin resistance (April 2013)

Swedish study supports a “U-shaped” association of alcohol consumption with risk of pre-diabetes and diabetes mellitus (May 2012)

Lifestyle factors and risk for new-onset diabetes - a population-based cohort study (Dec 2011)
Regular moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages may lower type 2 diabetes risk (April 2011)
Changes in alcohol consumption and subsequent risk of type 2 diabetes in men (March 2011)
Both alcohol and caffeinated coffee are associated with lower risk of diabetes in African-American women (Nov 2010)
Type 2 diabetes risk lower among moderate drinkers (August 2010)
Alcohol and type 2 diabetes -  A review (Aug 2010)
Moderate drinking linked to lower diabetes risk
Alcohol intake and 19-year mortality in diabetic men in Japan
Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages may protect against type 2 diabetes
Alcohol, liver enzymes and risk for type 2 diabetes
Alcohol consumption and risk of microvascular complications in type I diabetes
Research fails to explain alcohol's preventative effect on diabetes
Does consuming a Mediterranean diet reduce the risk of late onset diabetes?
Wine and tea compounds linked to diabetes benefits
The relationship between alcohol consumption and glycemic control among patients with diabetes
How heavy alcohol use can cause hypoglycemia in diabetics
Moderate drinking and diabetes risk
Low doses of resveratrol may fight diabetes
Moderate wine consumption improves fasting plasma glucose levels in diabetics
Effect of moderate red wine intake on cardiac prognosis after recent acute myocardial infarction of subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Moderate red wine consumption improves insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic patients
Alcohol consumption and type 2 diabetes - a u-shaped relationship
Alcohol may increase low blood sugar risk for diabetes type I patients
Moderate Drinking Appears to Cut Diabetes Risk
Alcohol Consumption and Diabetes Mellitus
Moderate Drinking May Cut Diabetes Risk
Wine consumers may have a reduced cardiovascular risk through improved insulin sensitivity and a reduced plasma concentration of homocysteine
Alcohol may protect women from type II diabetes
Should Diabetics drink?
by Harvey Finkel M.D.
Diabetes and alcohol
by Dr.Erik Skovenborg
Alcohol and Heart Disease In Diabetics
Alcohol Intake and Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes in Men.
A report by Dr Erik Skovenborg on the 2nd Alcohol and Health Symposium, Sweden.
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