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Drink Drive - Research and Studies
The effect of lowering the legal drink-drive limit on the toxicological findings in driver fatalities (Mar 2018)
Road Safety Monitor 2017 - Drinking And Driving In Canada (Mar 2018)
Alcohol-impaired driving in US counties, 2002-2012 (Mar 2018)
The impact of retail beverage service training and social host laws on adolescents’ DUI rates in San Diego Co, California (Mar 2018)

Mexico alcohol-related road deaths fall after breathalyser implementation (Apr 2018)

Drinking and driving - Millennials more responsible than others? (Oct 2017)
The effect of sanction changes on drunk-driving injuries/deaths in Taiwan (Oct 2017)
Anti-drunk driving campaigns should include pedestrians and cyclists (May 2017)
Impact of a new law to reduce the legal blood alcohol concentration limit in Chile (May 2017)
Evaluating the effect of the zerotolerance drinking and driving law in Brazi (April 2017)
Alcohol-control PSAs and drunkdriving fatalities in the United States (April 2017)
Driving under the influence of alcohol and illicit drugs (March 2017)
Ignition Interlock Laws: Effects on fatal motor vehicle crashes, 1982–2013 (March 2017)
Alcohol policies and alcohol-related motor vehicle crash fatalities among young people in the US (March 2017)
Repeat drink drive offenders highlighted in the UK (Jan 2017)
Global Road Safety Partnership launches new interactive mapping tool (Dec 2016)
European survey of road users’ safety attitudes (July 2016)
Drinking and driving among Italian adolescents: Trends over seven years
MADD report: Ignition interlock systems stop 1.77 million drunk driving attempts (Feb 2016)
Evaluating the deterrence capacity of low and Zero BAC requirements for drivers in Ontario (Feb 2016)
Drinking and driving among Italian adolescents: Trends over seven years (Jan 2016)
A comprehensive examination of U.S. laws enacted to reduce alcohol-related crashes among underage drivers (Jan 2016)
How do US states decide what laws to adopt to prevent alcohol-impaired driving? (Sept 2015)
Drug and Alcohol Crash Risk Study (Feb 2015)
Long-term changes in crash rates after introduction of a graduated driver licensing decal provision (Feb 2015)
Relationship of impaired-driving enforcement intensity to drinking and driving on the road (Jan 2015)
Designated driver service availability and its effects on drunk driving behaviours (Jan 2015)
Road Safety Monitor 2013: Drinking and Driving in Canada (Jan 2015)
Stronger drunk driving laws lead to safer roads in British Columbia (Sep 2014)
Alco Gates in Sweden (Sep 2014)
UK Think! drink drive campaign - costs and effectiveness (Apr 2014)
The Road Safety Monitor 2013 - Drinking and driving In Northern Ireland (Jan 2014)
Global Status Report On Road Safety 2013 (Jan 2014)
Effects of alcohol on automated and controlled driving performances (Jan 2014)
ETSC renews commitment to tackle drink driving (Jan 2014)
A randomised controlled trial of brief motivational interviewing in impaired driving recidivists (Jan 2014)
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs among adolescents: The role of urban and rural environments (Jan 2014)
Success story on road fatalities in Portugal (Jan 2014)
Rise of alcohol interlock devices for DUI offenders in the US (Dec 2013)
ICAP launches e-book on alcohol and road safety for vunerable road users (Dec 2013)
Weekend road crashes drop after extended opening hours ‘reduce binge-drinking’ (Oct 2013)
United Nations – Global Road Safety Week – Regional perspectives on preventing alcohol related crashes involving vunerable road users (Aug 2013)
The NASOROSSO Project: An Italian study on alcohol consumption in recreational places (June 2013)
Many pedestrians killed in London road accidents were impaired by alcohol (Jan 2013)
NHTSA analysis shows 2011 traffic fatalities declined by nearly two percent (Jan 2013)
Washington’s Target Zero Teams Project: Reduction in fatalities during year one(Jan 2013)
US NHTSA study shows majority of drunk driving deaths linked to BAC level nearly twice the legal limit (Nov 2012)
If parents drink and drive, their kids may too, study finds (Feb 2012)
NHTSA publish Special report on race/ethnicity and impaired driving (Sep 2011)
Study on alcohol-related accidents confirms danger of travelling in a drink driver’s car (Sept 2011)
Ignition interlocks cut repeat drink driving (May 2011)
Apr 2009 - ETSC Safe and Sober presentations
Mar 2009 - Worldwide Brewing Alliance Drinking and Driving report
Feb 2009 - ETSC Factsheet on Drink Driving recidivism
Feb 2009 - Prevent drunk driving by highlighting risk of arrest, researchers say
2008 - Scottish Government report ‘Drinking and Driving 2007: Prevalence, Decision Making and Attitude’
2008 - TIRF Road Safety Monitor 2007 drink drive results
2008 - US Traffic Safety and Alcohol Regulation - A symposium report
2007 - European Transport Safety Council Raising Compliance with road safety law
2007 - European Transport Safety Council – reducing deaths from drink driving
2007 - RoSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - Drinking and Driving Policy
Nov 2007 - IAS - Drinking and Driving factsheet - Nov 2007
2007 - Reducing drinking and driving in Europe - Institute of Alcohol Studies- July 2007
Nov 2006 - Have levels of drink-drink been reduced effectively? by Helena Conibear
April 2005 - ICAP Blue Book - Drinking and Driving
April 2005 - ICAP Blue Book - Blood Alcohol Concentration Limits
2005 - Drinking and Driving Report 2005 - World Brewing Alliance
2005 - A Guide for reducing Alcohol Related Collision - NCHRP - National Cooperation Highway Research Program
2005 - Designated Driver Poll 2005 - Anheuser Busch designated driver poll data development worldwide
2005 - Alcohol concern Drink Drive Accidents factsheet
2005 - MEAS - Designated Driver Campaign Awareness Survey Results
Nov 2003 - DWI System Improvements: Stopping the Revolving door
2003 - Designated Driver Campaigns against drunk driving in Europe 2003
2003 - Eurocare - Drinking and Driving in Europe

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