last updated: October 19, 2017
Responsible Drinking - Brochures and Publications
DISCUS - Nutrition factsheet
Brewers of Europe Benefits of moderate beer consumption
ICAP Report 16 - Alcohol Education and its Effectiveness
ICAP Report 15 - Drinking Patterns from Theory to Practice
ICAP Report 14 - International Drinking Guidelines
ICAP Report 20 - ‘Informing Consumers about Beverage Alcohol’
Alcohol in Moderation - Wise Drinkers Guide
Alcohol in Moderation - Alcohol and You booklet
Alcohol and Liver Disease - The British Liver Trust
Canada - Alcohol and sleep guide
Canada - Éduc’alcool publication on Alcohol Hangover
Canada - Éduc’alcool Hosting guide
UK Government - 'Drinking, You and your mates - How does your night end?'
New Zealand - Alcohol and Older People

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