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Drinking Patterns and Statistics on Alcohol - reports

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Health at a Glance: Europe 2016
Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2014
Wine and cider add volume to global consumption (Jun 2018)
The world drank less alcohol in 2016 (Aug 2017)

Substance Use and Aging in Canada (May 2018)
Older men drink more frequently, but younger men consume more in the US (Oct 2017)
Selected estimates from the 2016 National Health Interview Survey (Aug 2017)
Quebecers are drinking less overall, but excessive drinking remains high (Aug 2017)
Trends in alcohol consumption among older Americans (Apr 2017)
Wine Market Council report rise in high frequency wine drinkers in US (Feb 2016)
US study challenges stereotype on North American drinking (Feb 2016)
Drinking patterns in US counties from 2002 to 2012 (Jul 2015)
Study finds links between beverage preference and political persuasion (Jan 2014)
Poorest households spent less on alcohol last year in the US (Jan 2014)
Binge Drinking — United States, 2011 (Jan 2014)
Results from the 2012 US National Survey on Drug Use and Health (Dec 2013)
Beer Institute releases 2012 State consumption ranking (Oct 2013)
Health Behaviors of Adults: United States, 2008–2010 (Aug 2013)

Alcoholic beverage consumption by adults compared to dietary guidelines (June 2013)

How America’s drink consumption has evolved over a decade
CDC report: Binge drinking is under-recognised in women and girls (Jan 2013)
Mexico: National Addiction Survey release results for 2011 (Dec 2012)
Quebecers and alcohol in 2012: A report from Éduc’Alcool (Nov 2012)
2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Summary of findings (Nov 2012)
Alcohol use and binge drinking among women of childbearing age — United States, 2006-10 (AIM Sep 2012)
Health-related quality of life in middle-aged and older adults in Canada (AIM Apr 2012)
More Americans drinking alcohol– but not consuming more (AIM Oct 2010)
US drinking trends - Gallup (AIM August 2010)
US - New findings from ‘Health Behaviours of Adults’ survey (AIM April 2010)


Scotland alcohol consumption trend flat: MESAS 2018 (Jul 2018)
Educated Dutch among most likely in Europe to drink regularly (Jul 2018)
Drinking habits in France (Jun 2018)
Statistics on Alcohol and Adult Drinking Habits in the UK (May 2018)
Estonia’s alcohol consumption drops to less than 10 litres per capita (Nov 2017)
Alcohol, tobacco and drug consumption rise over last five years in Portugal (Oct 2017)
New liver disease data shows major variation across England (Oct 2017)
British drinkers favour premium drinks from branded pubs and upmarket bars (Oct 2017)
Scottish Health Survey (Oct 2017)
UK Millenials changing attitude to alcohol (Oct 2017)
Survey on alcohol habits, attitudes and knowledge in the UK (Aug 2017)
Older adult consumption in Holland (Aug 2017)
MESAS Monitoring report 2017 (Aug 2017)
Statistics on Alcohol England 2017 & latest OPN drinking figures (May 2017)
RAHRA Comparative monitoring of alcohol epidemiology across the EU report (Apr 2017)
Family spending in the UK (Mar 2017)
Local Alcohol Profiles for England (Mar 2017)
Alcohol-related deaths in the UK: registered in 2015 (Mar 2017)
Health Survey for England, 2015 (Dec 2016)
The regional geography of alcohol consumption in England (Dec 2016)

Welsh Health Survey 2015: Initial headline results (June 2016)

Barometer 2016 - French household budget for the purchase of alcoholic beverages declines (June 2016)
Alcohol-related deaths figures released by the ONS (Feb 2016)
Alcohol consumption: The French are drinking less, but spending more (Sept 2015)
Alcohol consumption continues to fall in Switzerland (Jul 2015)
Update on Alcohol statistics for England (Jul 2015)
Drinkaware Monitor 2014: Adults’ drinking behaviour and attitudes in the UK (Jul 2015)

Alcohol related offences in the UK (Mar 2015)

Prevalence of alcohol consumption and pattern of use among the elderly in the WHO European Region (Mar 2015)
Adult drinking habits in Great Britain, 2013 (Feb 2015)
Daily alcohol consumption in France halved in 20 years (Feb 2015)
Maternal health behaviours in Ireland (Jan 2015)
UK Q2 beer sales grow in both pubs and offlicences (Sep 2014)
Scots lead the way for drinking alcohol-free beer (Sep 2014)
Italy between drinking culture and control policies for alcoholic beverages (Sep 2014)
Holland – heavy drinking decreases (Sep 2014)

Alcohol-related hospital statistics Scotland 2012/13 (Apr 2014)

Alcohol-related deaths in the United Kingdom (Apr 2014)

‘Opinions and Lifestyle Survey - Drinking Habits Amongst Adults, 2012' (Jan 2014)

UK accident and emergency departments attendance for alcohol related conditions - figures for under 18s lowest for 8 years (Dec 2013)

Alcohol related hospital admissions in England UK (Dec 2013)
Alcohol-related hospital statistics, Scotland 2012 (Dec 2013)
Encouraging trends in Scotland Health Survey (Dec 2013)
Scotland - Alcohol deaths down but levels remain high (Oct 2013)
Gender-specific age, period and birth cohort effects on alcohol abstention and consumption level for drinkers in Great Britain (Oct 2013)
Wine Intelligence report on low alcohol wine (Aug 2013)
Synopsis of healthy lifestyles across Europe compares status 2008/10 (Aug 2013)
NHS Statistics on Alcohol - England 2013 (Aug 2013)
The WSTA Market Report for the 2nd quarter of 2013 (Aug 2013)
Status Report on Alcohol and Health in 35 European Countries 2013 (Aug 2013)
A review of the 2011 General Lifestyle survey (June 2013)
The French consume fewer alcoholic beverages but spend a larger budget (June 2013)
The ‘other’ in patterns of drinking: A qualitative study of attitudes towards alcohol use among professional, managerial and clerical workers (June 2013)
Alcohol in Europe: Where is France? (Jan 2013)
Health Survey for England 2011: latest figures on reported consumption (Jan 2013)
British use alcohol to de-stress in evenings after work (Nov 2012)
Few at-home drinkers pay attention to ABV level of drinks, and most are aged under 24 (Nov 2012)
Study examines the relationship between marriage and alcohol (Sep 2012)
Alcohol: Public Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours in Ireland (Sep 2012)
Alcohol Statistics for England 2011 (June 2012)
Update on French consumption habits (May 2012)
UK continues to drink less and binge less (Apr 2012)
Annual report from Chief Medical Officer for Scotland shows decline on alcohol consumption (Feb 2012)

Overview of the 2008-2011 Scottish health survey (Feb 2012)

A high-performing NHS? by The King’s Fund - A review of progress 1997–2010


Australia: FARE annual poll (Jul 2018)
Australia National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2016 detailed report (Oct 2017)
Australian National Drug Strategy Household Survey (Aug 2017)
Alcohol Available for Consumption in New Zealand: Year ended December 2015 (June 2016)
Alcohol Use 2012/13: New Zealand Health Survey (Feb 2015)
Health survey shows Australians drink and smoke less, but are heavier (Dec 2012)
Risk factor trends in Australia: age patterns in key health risk factors over time (AIM Nov 2012)

Kenyans are reducing alcohol consumption after anti-drinking campaign (Jul 2018)
Alcohol consumption and alcohol related deaths decline in Russia (Aug 2017)
Chinese are the world’s third biggest drinkers (Mar 2015)

Alcohol consumption in Thailand (Apr 2014)

Wine consumption in India to rise by 73% (Apr 2014)
Chinese wine consumption grows (Apr 2014)
Patterns of alcohol consumption in the Thai population: Results of the National Household Survey of 2007(AIM sept 2010)
Reproductive health: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (AIM June 2010)
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