Page last updated: October 18, 2017

UK Millenials changing attitude to alcohol

New research in the UK suggests that there is a cultural change among Millennials and their attitude to alcohol consumption.

A survey of 1,023 millennials found that alcohol consumption is on the decline in the younger generation, with millennials consuming just five units a week on average. Only one in 10 participants in the study saw getting drunk as cool. Four in ten feel negative about people who are drunk – seeing them as pathetic, embarrassing and belonging to an older generation.

The report Brighter Futures - Challenging Perceptions of Millennials published in September identifies four themes: On average, Millennials are spending £3,750 a year on going-out, £1,750 of which is spent on tickets to events. The numbers of people going out are up vs a year ago, and there’s a desire to do more; as well as a willingness to make sacrifices in day to day life to fund it.

Millennials are going out to a wide range of festivals and events – from music festivals to immersive experiences and wellness events. They’re fulfilling different needs for them: to meet people, to find love, to get out of their comfort zone, or to indulge themselves.

Health lifestyles are up, alcohol is down. Events are playing a key role in this rise of wellness. One of the reasons for the drop in drinking is that Millennials want to enjoy (and remember) the moment more.
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