Page last updated:July 10, 2013
The PSHE consultation review

The UK Department for Education published a summary report of its consultation on PSHE education. Of those contributing to the review, 20% thought that alcohol education should form a compulsory part of the PSHE curriculum and (25%) said PSHE “should play a vital role in tackling a range of public health issues in the area of substance misuse” and were the opinion that “pupils must have knowledge and awareness of the risks involved in taking drugs for social use and of misusing alcohol and tobacco. They believed that pupils must be aware of how these substances could affect their health; and what the impact of the misuse of these substances would be on their lives and those of their families and friends”.

(22%) believed that the primary responsibility for teaching pupils about PSHE matters should be with parents, as they were the best judges to decide at what stages and in which manner such information was passed on to their children. Respondents said parents were ‘teachers’ of their children in the areas of nutrition and physical activity, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, sex and relationships, emotional well -  being, safety and personal finance.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education (Elizabeth Truss) gave a written statement, which included specific actions for alcohol education. “For drug and alcohol education, we are launching a new evidence-based information service in April 2013 for those working with young people, including schools and teachers. The new service will provide practical advice and tools based on the best international evidence.

In addition, we are asking Ofsted to publish a guide for schools covering effective practice in PSHE, to provide teachers with a range of examples to inform their teaching”.

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