Page last updated July 10, 2018

Quebec government target sugary, high alcohol beverages

The Quebec government will move to ban sales of sugary, high-alcohol beverages in convenience and grocery stores in an attempt to prevent younger consumers from buying them. Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux said that he will introduce an amendment to a bill seeking to modernise the province’s alcohol and gaming legislation that would see such drinks taken off the shelves. It comes amid calls for government action following the death of a 14-year-old who reportedly consumed such a product last month before going missing. She was found dead in a stream behind her high school. Under the proposed measures, Coiteux said beverages that contain more than seven per cent alcohol would be available only at Quebec liquor commission outlets and that it would be up to the Crown corporation to decide whether to stock the items. Coiteux said Quebec will maintain pressure on Health Canada, which is reviewing various products on the market with the Quebec authorities and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to assess their safety. Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois added that a prevention and education campaign — for substance abuse in general — would be part of the Quebec government response in the near future.

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