Page last updated: October 19, 2017
FASD Awareness Day inititatives

September 9 was FASD Awareness Day. In France, the National Public Health Agency (ANSP) launched a month-long campaign to raise awareness among expecting mothers and the general public about the risks of consuming alcohol beverages while pregnant.

The ANSP campaign follows the release of a recent survey in which 44% of respondents stated that there was no safe level of consumption during pregnancy, compared to 25% in 2015, and 64% agreed that consuming a standard serving of wine or beer poses as much of a health risk as a beverage with a higher alcohol by volume (ABV), compared to 53% in 2015. ANSP Director General Dr François Bourdillon stated that the survey indicates that the public is more aware that there is “no safe level of alcohol” during pregnancy, acknowledging that there is still progress to be made.

The fourth edition of the international campaign Too Young To Drink was launched to raise awareness of the risks of prenatal exposure to alcohol. The network of partner organisations has now exceeded 80 organisations in 36 countries around the world, working together to raise awareness of FASD internationally.

The major aims of the Too Young To Drink campaign are to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy among the child-bearing aged population and in the community; to spread accurate, research-based information on the risks of using alcohol during pregnancy and to empower women and encourage families, friends and the society to support alcohol-free pregnancies. This year, a new visual component was developed. It consists of a drawing, which was created by the Italian artist, art director, satirical author, Beppe Mora.
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